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Dare to Dream with Sam Kodi & Smart Advisor 

In 2015, Sam Kodi, a seasoned finance professional, embarked on a journey from his dining table. Fuelled by the drive to reshape financial advisory services in New Zealand, he founded Smart Adviser.

Sam’s childhood experiences in Sri Lanka taught him the true value of money: Freedom. Rising above financial hardships and civil unrest, he made his way to an MBA from the University of Houston, USA. Today, with over 30 years in finance, including 17 in NZ, Sam’s name is synonymous with independent, award-winning financial advice.

What’s Smart Adviser? We’re an extension of Sam’s vision. A team of passionate experts, based in Pakuranga, Auckland, committed to devising strategic, tailor-made financial solutions for you. Because for us, it’s not just about transactions. It’s about paving your road to financial freedom.

At Smart Adviser, we offer you a holistic approach that goes beyond generic advice, because your life and financial health are interconnected. From financial and retirement planning to coaching, brokerage services, and valuable referrals, we’re your financial compass, guiding you towards a future where you’re in control of your finances



“We knew how to earn money and how to spend it, but when it comes to financial planning we have no clue. What really impressed us was the way Smart Adviser took the time to get a feeling for where we are at! Their depth of knowledge, lateral thinking, and their common sense approach impressed us.”

Nimali P