“Planning to support your loved ones – even when you’re not there – is the real sense of responsibility”

Personal Insurances

Personal insurances are all about protecting your lifestyle and family from financial loss – think of it as lifestyle protection insurance. It forms an essential part of any financial or retirement strategy, and it’s usually the most efficient and effective way to minimise the risks you face from a wide range of life’s nasty stuff. Nasties such as accidents, serious illness, disability, death –  all common circumstances that prevent you from working and providing for your family.

While insurance companies make it easy for you to apply directly online, this carries its own risks as it’s hard to know if what’s on offer is really best suited to your needs and goals. Applying online may seem quick and easy, but claim time is the worst time to discover your policy either doesn’t cover what you thought it did or you’ve stuffed up your disclosures and your policy is useless.

We find the Insurance Covers Best Suited to Your Needs & Goals

Our goal is to ensure your lifestyle and financial future are protected.

We work with many insurance providers
Your life circumstances mean that some insurers cater to your needs better than others. By working with many providers we can better provide you options suited to you.

We compare policy offerings to find the best fit
Not all policies are created equal, even if they claim to be protecting you from the same event. We don’t just compare headline benefits, we get down to the fine print.

We negotiate the best terms possible to keep premiums affordable
Insurance needs to affordable and that means we sometimes have to rejig the level of cover and other terms and conditions to get the balance right between cost and the protection provided.

We provide annual reviews
Life doesn’t stand still and neither should you insurance cover. We provide an annual review service for all of our clients to ensure your cover is still suitable and relevant.

We support you at claim time
Should you need to make a claim, we understand that you are already going through a stressful time. We provide a claim support service to make that process as stress free as possible.

We Can Help You With…

Personal Insurances

Life cover

Income & mortgage protection

Trauma / serious illness cover

Permanent disability

Health insurance

Business Insurances