Your personal wellbeing and satisfaction with life is determined by your overall financial wellbeing. Attend to that, and the life you want to live can be yours. Our wide range of services are designed to build your financial resilience and help you live a better life.

Strategic Planning & Advice Services

We provide a holistic planning and advice service which puts you on the right path to achieve your goals – and helps to keep you on it – so you can live the kind of lifestyle you want.

Financial Planning

Want more out of life? Smart Financial Planning plays a huge role in making that possible.

Retirement Planning

Want your golden years to be comfortable? Be confident your smart Retirement Planning will make it so.

Financial Advice

Want to avoid costly mistakes? Smart financial advice will keep you on track and provide peace of mind.

Financial Products Brokerage

With so many financial products available, it’s easy to get bamboozled. We make it easy as we search for the best solutions for you and take care of the process of making it all happen.

Mortgages & Loans

Need property finance or better debt management? We can help you get smart with your loans.

Investments & Kiwisaver

Got big dreams you want to achieve? We help you make smart investments to make that happen faster.


Want to protect your family, lifestyle and business? We help you make smart insurance choices.



Smart Adviser’s approach is not about ‘doing a deal’ but seeks to form a partnership with you. Transparent communication is ongoing and they takes pride in helping his clients create a strong foundation for their future.”

F Ramos

“Smart Adviser and team were a huge help in realising our dreams and turn our focus to future possibilities. Their financial advice helped us make some important decisions that will help us grow financially. We didn’t feel that we were pushed to make any decisions and Sam explained process quite patiently.  We would recommend Smart Adviser and his team any day. ”

SK, PK and Family